Toscana Rosato “Galio”, Poggio del Moro



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Rosé wine «ROSATO» keeps a little secret – an enchanting journey you can’t miss out on. See for yourself, when seeping through the coral-toned elixir, delicately wrapped with a pink plum in the nose, ROSATO will remind you of a remote exotic vacation.
Sip after sip, you will unravel your brightest memories and fall into the arms of the sunniest fantasies, encountering, as you slowly reveal the magical gentleness of the mouthfeel, the long-forgotten feeling of peace and completeness. Here a field of light purple violets evolves into a fresh bouquet of ablazing irises, here a mulberry cocktail hints on the familiar taste of almond.


Country: Italy

Grapes: Sangiovese

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 12,5%

Size: 750ml

Pale & Floral

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