Who is BOB?

BOB Wines - Tulse Hill Shop Wine Beer

Our Story

The first B.O.B Wines shop was established in 2014 in Crystal Palace, Shout East London. The original idea came from Mr. Lorenzo Rocca, Gabriele Giovanelli and Kenrick Bush who met in Buckinghamshire University in 1998. Originally, the goal of B.O.B Wines was to offer quality wines at a good value price.

Today, you will find wines of grape varieties from several countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and more! In addition, we have diversified our products by offering a range of competitively priced beers and spirits available in our 3 shops.

Our Approach

Like in the continent, you bring your own bottle or one procures, on the spot. It is filled from a vat with the wine of your choice from our selection. The economy of the bottle and its stopper makes it possible to reduce the prices by about 45%. Beyond the ecological and economic gesture, B.O.B Wines has a real playfulness that attracts a wider audience.

BOB Wines - Sydenham Wine Beer