Rioja Crianza, Cerro Anon



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Country: Spain

Grapes: Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 14%

Size: 750ml

Velvety & Intense


Introducing Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza


Discover the Art of Winemaking

Unveil the mastery of traditional winemaking with Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza. Crafted in the renowned Rioja region of Spain, this wine showcases centuries-old techniques that have been passed down through generations. Our winemakers have carefully selected the finest Tempranillo grapes, handpicked at their peak of ripeness, to create a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate.

  • Artisanal winemaking techniques
  • Tempranillo grapes handpicked at peak ripeness
  • Rich legacy of craftsmanship

A Tapestry of Flavours

Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavours that Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza offers. This velvety red wine exudes notes of ripe red berries, balanced by hints of vanilla and oak, creating a harmonious blend that evolves with every sip. Its elegant structure and well-rounded tannins make it a versatile companion for a variety of dishes.

  • Velvety texture and smooth finish
  • Ripe red berries with a touch of vanilla and oak
  • Versatile pairing for diverse culinary experiences

Timeless Elegance in Every Bottle

Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza encapsulates the essence of timeless elegance. Aged for over 12 months in oak barrels and refined in our cellars, this wine reaches a level of maturity that elevates its character. Whether you’re savouring it on a special occasion or enhancing your everyday moments, Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza delivers an unparalleled experience.

  • Aged for over 12 months in oak barrels
  • Maturity that enhances its character
  • Elevate your moments with a touch of sophistication

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