Tenuta Belvedere Free tasting 15 December 2023

Tenuta Belvedere (Artisanal wines) Free tasting 15 December 2023

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Tenuta Belvedere, Oltrepo’ Pavese Italy


Is “Tenuta Belvedere di Cabrini Gianluca” really all Gianluca Cabrini’s? This is one of the questions I have asked myself since the very beginning. The answer was not long in coming. No! Tenuta Belvedere is referred to as “di Cabrini Gianluca” (of Gianluca Cabrini) in its name, but this is only due to the Italian legal system. There is in fact a majority shareholder! She may seem like an impersonal shareholder, but in actual fact she is much more tangible and determined than you might imagine. She may seem to be invisible and silent, but in actual fact she is always by my side and ready to give her opinion. In the company, our roles are different, but closely-related. From the vineyard to the cellar, she gives me everything I need and, like in a continuous “game”, she provides me with clues to the next step to be taken and I have the task of observing her expressions and interpreting them as best I can in order to identify what she is telling me.

Sometimes her expressions excite me, other times they surprise me, until almost scaring me. On every occasion, however, I reinforce my additional duty of protecting her, aware that I can always do more.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I present to you: Mother Nature!


Fully aware that high-quality wines are made in the vineyard, even before grapes reach the cellar. Thanks to its partnership with the agronomist, Tenuta Belvedere implements particularly meticulous agronomic practices. Pruning takes place using the “Simonit & Sirch” method, according to which reducing the cutting surfaces and the protective wood technique ensure a long, healthy life for the plant.

In addition to rigorous pruning, always starting after the first frost, suckering and bunch selection by hand are also implemented. The excellent quality of the grapes goes hand in hand with respect for nature. It is for this reason that the agricultural practices have always had a very low environmental impact, eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, agrochemicals and herbicides.

This encourages grassing, without working the land, so as to prevent erosion and soil impoverishment. Fertilizing, if necessary, is exclusively organic and carried out before winter. The pruning shoots are shredded in the vineyard in order to return substances to the earth. Fungicidal treatments take place exclusively using copper and sulphur and the water used for these processes comes exclusively from estate’s wells.
Tenuta Belvedere’s commitment to environment and artisanal wines is nationally recognized by wine critics and fans as the estates only attends wine fairs in which is mandatory for the attending estates the use of indigenous yeast carrying natural fermentations with no manipulation and the use of copper and sulphur in the vineyard. The estate is a proud member of Vinnatur, one of the most “extreme” natural wine association in Italy.

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